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32 Getting your time back (in life + biz!) with Dannie Fountain

Many of you are in service-based businesses, which means so much of your time is spent, well... serving others. No surprise there. But what may come as a shock is what happens when you put better boundaries around your time, spending less energy on activities that PULL your attention in different directions, and create better habits around PUSHING your energy where it’s needed most. It’s in that push that you’ll stop feeling so overwhelmed by every single thing that lands on your plate. You’ll become more aware of what’s on your schedule, why it’s there, if it’s actually the best use of your time, and if putting your time and energy toward it will create more of the results you actually want. If you’re someone who struggles with constantly feeling behind or is easily pulled in different directions, and you’re ready to take more of the RIGHT actions that will boost your bottom line, this episode is for you!

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