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27 Getting legally legit behind the scenes with Autumn Witt Boyd

Legal stuff can just sound scary. Especially if you’re new to this entrepreneurial world and are just figuring out how to invoice your clients, let alone have them sign a contract that protects you both. But you’d be surprised how many well-seasoned business owners have yet to put legal in place behind the scenes, as well. So today, we’re tackling the mindset behind being proactive about "getting legit" to put protections in place BEFORE you need them. We let go of the fear around working with a lawyer, confusion about how to even get started, and overwhelm associated with all the legal things you COULD be doing so you can figure out what you really need. Plus, we chat about how getting legally legit will protect the business you’ve worked so hard on, strengthen your client relationships, boost your credibility, and solidify your business on the whole!

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