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29 Growing your business through heart-centered sales with Anna Frandsen

If there's one thing that I see over and over again, it’s that so many of you are sitting in a story around sales. You’ve convinced yourself that they’re hard to make, that no one wants to hear from you, that there are already too many people doing what you want to do, that you’re annoying people, the list goes on... But what I love most about this topic is that once we address those thoughts and we do the mindset work to shift them, the sales really, TRULY start rolling in. It becomes so much easier to take the RIGHT actions that create more leads, profit, and fulfillment. That’s why I’m SO excited for today’s episode because we talk about how to embrace selling in a heart-centered way so that you can build a loyal tribe to make sales from and to serve. You’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on getting more visible, sharing your offers, and connecting with your audience on a whole new level.

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