02 From stressed to success with Shana Dewitt


About this episode

Do you ever feel like as an entrepreneur, you’re reaching, reaching, reaching...without being sure what you’re actually reaching for? Maybe you’re constantly overwhelmed by the amount of things there are to do to grow your business? Or you’re feeling stuck, like you’ve hit a monetary plateau, but aren’t quite sure how to move past it? In this week’s episode we go deep to shift that stress to success so not only do YOU feel better but your bank account will too.

Show notes

We chat about:

  • Why Shana thinks it’s so important for us to create our on definition of success as entrepreneurs.

  • Shana’s mindset shift that led her to her best (and most profitable) month in business yet.

  • Where money fits into the success equation. How hitting the number feels good, but it also can’t be the ONLY thing.

  • How to acknowledge the things in your everyday life that make you feel good and make you feel successful.

  • Success as a moving target and how Shana’s view of success shifted from working at a big agency to her life as an entrepreneur.

  • How Shana is working less hours to put more focus on living LIFE. She’s shedding the worry and running her business more intuitively.

  • Being open to success showing up in different ways than you originally thought and focusing on the FEELING you’re looking to create in your life and business.

  • How to stop discounting your successes that are here now and start letting yourself actually WIN.

About Shana Dewitt

Shana Dewitt is a business strategist that helps entrepreneurs align who they are with what they do as they go through transitions in their business. She doesn't believe in being had by the hustle. She believes in creating a job that fits around your life, instead of life that fits around your job. Shana is the host of the Be Heard Podcast and the creator of the DIY Branding for Entrepreneurs course. When she's not working you can find her planning her next adventure with her family.