47 Make massive strides in your business using stretch goals (and exactly how I did it myself) with Amanda Dennelly

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There was a three-week span between my wedding and my honeymoon when I decided to do something crazy. I decided I was going ALL IN on my latest business efforts. I was on an absolute effing mission to create more impact and income and I was willing to show up in a way that I hadn’t before. Don’t get me wrong, things were good. Clients were happy. The business was chugging along. But I knew that I had been holding myself back from what was possible for me in my biz. I knew that if I committed to showing up on a whole new level, I would see a whole new level of results. And that’s exactly what happened, in a way that was way easier and more aligned than I could have ever expected. So in today’s episode, we’re going deep on how setting a stretch goal in my business allowed me to step into the mindset I needed to book more clients than ever before and how you can apply this same thinking to your business RIGHT NOW for more results (more quickly).

Show notes

In this episode, I chat about:

  • How to set stretch goals in your business to yield more impact AND income, plus the importance of choosing the RIGHT stretch goal

  • The massive shift I noticed in how I was showing up when I went ALL IN and decided what was possible (plus, how you can apply this to your biz NOW!)

  • The three things I did to create a rock-solid mindset and how it's what I use (and you can to) to take action again and again…

  • The surprising thing I let go of to see more results (and how this very same thing is likely holding you back in ways you may not even realize!)

  • The magical celebration I planned for when I hit my stretch goal and how it looked nothing (AND EVERYTHING!) like I had imagined

  • How this exercise allowed me to book more clients than ever before and you can apply this exact same thinking to your own biz for incredible results

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Time for some real talk. Having just been there myself, I KNOW, how much more is possible for you if you really give yourself permission to step into it. I know what it’s like to sit in the crazy sh*t our brains make up to hold us back and keep us safe in business. But I also know that you don’t have to work through this alone. Having the right support was ESSENTIAL to me not only sticking with my stretch goal, but believing it was possible, and showing up from THAT place rather than sitting in stories, fear, and self-doubt. And ladies, that’s coming from someone who is a kickass coach and does this mindset work for a LIVING. But I believe with every fiber of my being, that with the right mindset and support, the same incredible results are possible for you too. Together, let’s get to the root of your biggest money mindset challenge and uncover what’s standing between your big money goals and taking more of the right actions in your biz that are going to yield more impact AND income. I only do three of these each week and they’ve been filling fast so head over to amandadennelly.com/moneymindset to grab a spot before they’re gone!

About Amanda Dennelly

Amanda Dennelly is a mindset coach who helps creatives and entrepreneurs who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to take the RIGHT actions to grow their business. Through one-on-one coaching, she helps them to cultivate the mindset they need to create a beautiful, balanced life and a successful, thriving business because she deeply believes you can have BOTH. She is also the host of the mindset podcast, One Simple Shift. Amanda started her career working with some of the biggest brand names in New York City before moving out west and starting her own design studio. She spent years honing her process and working with creatives and entrepreneurs that struggled to cultivate the mindset they needed to take the RIGHT actions behind the scenes, despite their absolutely beautiful branding. Today, she operates her coaching practice in the mountains outside Denver, Colorado. When she’s not supporting clients, she’s going for early morning trail runs, mid-day walks with her puppy, and Friday sushi dates with her man. To connect with Amanda and take the first step toward creating a more profit and fulfillment, schedule your free coaching call here.