23 Why waiting to feel ready is a myth (and how to start seeing results now!) with Amanda Dennelly


About this episode

It’s so easy to tell yourself the story that you’re not ready to take those big, scary leaps in your business. You may think you need to wait until you have better people skills to go to those in-person events. Or you need to get better at sales before you get on the phone with a potential client. Perhaps that you need to record more videos before you can hop on a Facebook live. Maybe have more experience or certifications before you can raise your rates. But the truth is, so often you master these actions by doing the mindset work necessary to lean into them when they STILL feel uncomfortable. Today we’re diving into how to start before you feel 100% ready and why that will always yield MORE results in your life and business, faster, than waiting for a magical moment of readiness.

Show notes

In this episode, I chat about:

  • What skiing has taught me about starting before you’re ready and how it’s totally changed my mindset around actions that feel scary (and how you can translate this same mindset shift to your biz!)

  • How waiting until you feel 100% ready will always leave you feeling further behind than if you started taking action BEFORE you felt comfortable (because let’s be real, that magical moment of readiness may never arrive!)

  • My number one mindset hack for getting to the root of WHY you may not feel ready for those big, uncomfortable steps in your business so that you can move past them sooner and start seeing more money in the bank, like yesterday

  • How to “tip the scale” toward feeling ready and determine the RIGHT action to take EVEN IF you aren’t quite there yet so you can start hitting those goals big number goals with more confidence and ease

  • My biggest secrets to leaning into the discomfort in your business so that you can start getting more visible and seeing bigger, better, and different results because of it

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About Amanda Dennelly

Amanda Dennelly helps creatives and entrepreneurs that are feeling stressed and overwhelmed stop overcomplicating their day-to-day so they can grow their business and create more time to do what they love. She helps clients shift their mindset around their mile-long to-do list and create room in their schedule to finally breathe, all because of rather than in spite of their growing business. This supports them to rapidly scale their businesses, create more fulfillment, and feel happier and healthier in their everyday lives. Amanda started her career working with some of the biggest brand names in New York City before moving out west and starting her own design studio. She spent years honing her process and found the same principles of intentional simplicity and refinement that she used in her branding work can also help creatives design a beautiful, balanced life and a successful, thriving business. Today, she operates her coaching practice in the mountains outside Denver, Colorado. When she’s not supporting clients, she’s going for early morning trail runs, mid-day walks with her puppy, and Friday sushi dates with her man. To connect with Amanda and take the first step toward creating a more positive, productive life and business, schedule your free coaching call here.