16 Create more abundance in your life and business with Tristan Sophia


About this episode

I absolutely love this topic because it’s going to change everything for you, from how you think about getting clients to how you grocery shop, so you can upgrade your business and life in incredible ways. This is the exact mindset shift you need to see an abundance of time, clients, money, the list goes on... Today we dive deep to shift from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset so you can stop holding yourself back (in ways you may not even realize!) and start getting more of what you want.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How almost every creative and entrepreneur has experienced BOTH of these mindsets at some point and how to raise your own awareness around them

  • The definition of a scarcity mindset vs. and abundance mindset so you can start recognizing the thoughts that are holding you back from serious growth

  • How this mindset shift isn’t all about business but can actually show up in your life in a multitude of ways

  • One of Tristan's abundance practices that changed everything for her (and how NOT to shy away from it)

  • Amanda’s own struggle with scarcity and abundance and the mindset hack she learned that transformed how she shows up each day

  • How understanding an abundance mindset is only part of the equation and how to do the work to shift those beliefs AND take the actions that support your new belief

About Tristan Sophia

Tristan coaches ambitious entrepreneurial women remove the limiting beliefs blocking them from achieving the clarity and confidence needed to build their successful and sustainable business, so they create a life of prosperity, freedom, ease, and balance.

You can download Tristan’s free guide: Fight that Self-Doubt Today with these 3 Easy Steps! This is comprised of the 3 most indispensable ways to truly achieve deep down confidence, so you can build your dream business today!