How to create a rock-solid money mindset practice that boosts sales

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How to create a rock-solid money mindset practice that boosts sales



I’m going to let you in on a little behind-the-scenes juiciness, because I’ve seen this come up again and again in my free Master Your Money Mindset sessions...

How much money you have has very little to do with how many dollars are in your bank account and EVERYTHING to do with how you’re thinking about them.

Let that sink in.

Because those women who are living from a place of abundance and are deeply rooted in the thought that → their basic needs are always met.

Are absolutely, 100%, without a doubt having a different life and business experience than those women who are living in a place of scarcity and constantly telling themselves → there is never enough.

My dear, your thoughts are so much more powerful than simply allowing you to process what’s in front of you. 

They’re also the gateway to creating a new, better, and different experience (and results in your biz!) moving forward.

Meaning that if you’re telling yourself that the only way to make more money is to hustle it out and work harder, then there’s literally no OTHER way for you to experience success than to wake up earlier, push harder, do more, and stress more. And of course your experience is going to reflect that (not at all what I recommend by the way!)

Whereas if you’re telling yourself that there’s plenty to go around, then you better believe it’s going to be a hell of a lot easier for you to show up and actually TAKE the right actions in your business that are going to generate more income. Not only that, but those exact thoughts also CREATE the experiences and circumstances themselves because you’ll start living out what it means to actually FEEL like you have enough. 

You’re going to get more comfortable talking about your work. You’re going to put out content more consistently. You’re going to keep doing sales calls and asking for the sale even when it’s uncomfortable. All the while, experiencing the results of your efforts from a place of abundance (i.e. ‘There’s more clients and money to be had’ rather than ‘There’s never enough and this can all dry up.’.) And that will be a completely different experience, because your beliefs are there to support it.

You know what’s hard as hell in business?

Taking actions that are in support of what you want, like more clients, more money, and more time, when your beliefs are fighting against you.

Because unless we first address the underlying thought work that allows you to step into the right actions in your business, you’ll continue to fall off the bandwagon again and again, wondering if and when you’re actually going to start seeing the results you want. And fundamentally, if your thoughts don't shift, your experience and results never will.

But I also know that sometimes mindset work can feel vague and fluffy because it can be hard to recognize your own blind spots and know exactly WHAT to shift to start seeing more of the results you want.

That’s why this week, I’m diving into how to create a rock-solid money mindset practice that boosts sales that you can get started on TODAY.

P.S. If you’re looking for extra support so you can get to the root of your biggest money mindset challenge and know exactly what to shift so you can start making more of it, then you’re absolutely going to want to join me for my free Master Your Money Mindset coaching call. I only do three of these each week so get over there and grab yours before they’re gone!

You have to actually do the money mindset work

Like all mindset work, it only works if you do the work. That’s why I think it’s so, SO important to find a daily practice that works for you. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be the same practice every day, but you do have to actually do it. No short-cuts or squirreling around this one.

So before you go writing off mindset work altogether, I want you to get really honest with yourself about if you’ve consistently stuck with a mindset practice long enough to see the results you want. Because remember, once you hold a belief in one area of your life, it’s so much easier to move that same thought work over into another. Which means showing up for your daily mindset work is only going to benefit you when it comes to showing up consistently in a new marketing strategy EVEN WHEN you’re hearing crickets.

But the good news here is that you get to decide the rules. You get to find the money mindset practice that helps you to feel amazing and supports you in actually showing up and do the work in your business that creates more profit and fulfillment. 

I’m currently coaching a couple who run a design studio and were looking to land more of the type of projects they love doing. But before they could land those, we talked about how we needed to get really crystal clear on what those projects even were. They decided that they really wanted to do a photoshoot with a ceramicist and started creating a dream mood board and visualizing what that project would look like. Before out next call, they had already landed the exact project they were looking to call in. It happened that quickly. And I’m 100% certain it was because they got clear on what they wanted, got their mindset on board, and took the RIGHT actions in their business to make that a reality.

The point being that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to money mindset work. It’s when you can focus on the strategies that work best for you and are in alignment with what you’re looking to create that you see more results.

Start showing up for yourself

Sometimes when my Future You clients start with me, they’re seriously stressed about money. They have a laundry list of all the things they COULD be doing to grow their business. It’s a social media course one day, a new certification the next, wait now maybe it’s time for an entirely new business idea. But the challenge with the constant flip-flopping is that they’re not doing the mindset work necessary to focus on and STICK WITH business-building strategies that feel aligned to them and what they’re looking to create.

And when you’re having trouble sticking with something in one area of your life, chances are that very same belief is showing up in others. So that belief that you…

...can’t show up on social media consistently

...can’t stick with an exercise routine

...can’t spend within your budget

...can’t meet your deadlines

They’re all connected. That’s why so often I see women who aren’t really, truly trusting themselves to make meaningful change in their lives. So of course, those underlying beliefs are showing up everywhere for them. It’s that same belief that makes it so hard for them to invest in a coach, because they’re afraid they won’t show up for the investment so that they can see the very results that they claim they want.

I recently read, Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and she talks about keeping the promises she makes to herself. She references a particular night out with the girls in which she came home and got on the treadmill after, simply because she promised herself she would. She goes on to explain how for a long time she would stick to her promises to others, but the promises she made to herself were often the first to go. That is, until she made a decision to change it.

That’s why I think it’s so important to make money mindset work a habit. Because by making money mindset work a priority, you’re committing to showing up for yourself in a new way. You’re committing to unearthing all of those subconscious, possibly uncomfortable, thoughts you’ve been living with so you can make a conscious decision to shift them to more positive, productive thoughts.

And you know what? That commitment to mindset work will change absolutely EVERYTHING for you, allowing you to feel more streamlined, less overwhelmed, and actually able to invest in the support you NEED because you can hold yourself accountable to seeing results. 

Journal around those money beliefs

For years, working in branding and design, I believed that if a design task wasn’t hard and didn’t take me a long time, it simply wasn’t worth as much money. Whoa. How’s that for some money mindset stuff to work through? It manifested in how I’d rather be uncomfortable in my desk chair rather than allowing myself to move to the couch where it was more comfortable. It showed up in how many times I’d touch design projects to work and rework them before I considered them “done.” And it definitely showed up in how much free time I allowed myself to have, feeling that time away from my desk wasn’t “worth” as much as time spent being productive.

I can see it all so clearly now. But until I made a conscious choice to look at some of my beliefs around money, I had NO IDEA I was doing these things. It was just a part of who I was. It was a part of how I operated. Becoming aware of that underlying belief made it so much easier for me to shift it. Think of all those hours of writing content, all while being cozied up on the couch, I’ve missed out on! (As I write this from said couch!). Think of how many hours I would have saved myself if my measure of success wasn’t “was it hard and did it take a long time?”.

That’s why I think journaling around your underlying money beliefs can be so powerful. It brings a level of awareness that wasn’t there before so that you can see how you’re holding yourself back and start taking the RIGHT actions that yield more money in the bank. I couldn't hold on to the story that only hard tasks make me money and not keep making my business really hard (and money really hard to make). 

And of course, I wouldn’t leave you hanging here. That’s why I’ve created a 7-day journaling guide to help you unearth those deeply seeded beliefs about money so you can get to the root of YOUR own money story. Seriously, this is one of the best ways to layer in a money mindset practice into your daily practice without a lot of extra time, effort, or overwhelm. Get over there and grab yours here!

Repeat a money mantra or affirmation that supports your new beliefs

So many people ask me what’s the FASTEST way to uplevel their money mindset so that they can see more money in the bank and create more of what they want in their work in life. (Like seriously, this comes up a lot!) Over here on team human-being, we like to see instant results. We want to know what we’re doing is working. And while I think a big part of mindset work is showing up AS IF you were already seeing the results you want, I do have a mindset hack that works pretty darn quick. 

One word: affirmations.

Because once you’re AWARE of those deeply held money beliefs, (i.e. “No one wants what I’m offering” or “My industry is oversaturated and my work isn’t valuable”) we’re able to make an ACTIVE CHOICE to change that belief. I always tell my Future You clients that they get to write the script when it comes to their relationship with money. I’m pretty sure that we’d all rather be in the light-hearted rom-com where money is flowing freely than the psycho-thriller where you have a death grip on your wallet. For you maybe that affirmation is…

“Money is just energy.”

“Money is constantly flowing.”

“I make more money when I’m having fun.”

“My basic needs are always met.”

“I know this money will come back to me.”

“Everything works out perfectly for me.”

“My work in the world is valuable.”

Or one of my personal favorites, “There’s always more where that came from.”

Working these kinds of affirmations or mantras into your morning routine can be one of the simplest ways to shift those beliefs. And remember, when you shift your beliefs it’s easier to take more of the RIGHT actions that are in support of what you want. Because if you continue to believe that “You can never quite make ends meet,” →  it’s going to be so much easier to sit in that story and, of course, that’s exactly what’s going to show up for you. Whereas, if you believe, “Money is always available to you,” → it’s going to be a lot easier to show up, get visible, stay consistent with your marketing efforts, and consequently see more money in the bank.

The bottom line:

Layering money mindset work into your daily practice can be a great way to uplevel your beliefs so you can create more of the results you want and flat out—more money in your bank account. Because upleveling your money mindset is the very FOUNDATION of upleveling your business (to make more money!) and upleveling your overall lifestyle. It all goes back to mindset! ALWAYS! So rather than walking around with subconscious beliefs running the show, let’s make a conscious decision to CHOOSE beliefs that are in support of what you want and how you want to create it!


Tell me in the comments below:

What’s one affirmation you’re going to use to shift your mindset around money?