You don't have to choose between structure and spontaneity to be happy



You don't have to choose between structure and spontaneity to be happy


Do you prefer structure or spontaneity in your day-to-day?

That was the question I asked earlier this week in a prompt for the #MayMorningEdit community project that I’ve been working on. (If you missed last week’s post, you can learn more about that project here. I’d love for you to join in on the fun!)

But behind the scenes, there was a deeper reason I asked that question...

Earlier this week, simply put, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. There wasn’t a specific reason to point to because the truth was, I had checked all the boxes in my typical morning routine. I had followed my usual sleep schedule, practiced pilates, and ate a healthy breakfast. I had done all the things I know usually leave me feeling positive and productive.

And yet, I still felt kind of “meh.” (Yes, even coaches have bad days too.)

But the reason I’m sharing this with you today is because of what followed. I could have easily given into that thought, listened to the little voice in my head that said, today is going to be a bad day, why even try? And had I done that, my brain would have found evidence of exactly that—searching for reasons throughout the day that the odds were against me.

But as I like to remind my clients, you have the power to change how you’re feeling by choosing to think a different thought.

So instead of thinking, today’s going to be a bad day, I asked myself, what would make today great? And the answer was right there waiting for me.

Let’s go on an adventure, I thought, a change of scenery would do it. So I Yelped the most adorable, hipster coffee shop and decided to work from there that afternoon.

And you know what? It totally turned the day around. I delighted in the boho vibe of the interior, sipped the most delicious iced tea, and genuinely enjoyed the work I was doing.

Because I’ve found that I actually thrive with a mix of both structure AND spontaneity. I like having habits and routines that take the guesswork out of where to begin each day and allow me to structure my time more effectively. But I also lean into the ease of spontaneity in instances like this, when I knew that changing my surroundings would help me to change my attitude.

It doesn’t have to be either or. Structure and spontaneity are there to work for you, not against you. The key is becoming more aware of which you’re needing.